ICLE 2018 Souvenir Program

Day 1

Language Endangerment Recurrent State or Noncurrent Prospects -Salem Mezhoud

The Threat to Linguistic Diversity in Asia -Gregory Anderson

Why Preserve the World’s Endangered Languages -Michael Walsh

Yuu Tagbanwa -Translators Association of the Philippines

Day 2

Community Empowerment and Endangered Language Revitalization -Suwilai Premsrirat

From Oppression to Officialisation -Salem Mezhoud

Hakalama Pūnana Leos Literacy Program

Indigenous Language Medium and Philosophy of Education -Larry Kimura

Language Documentation and Description of Endangered Languages in Thailand -Mayuree Thawornpat

Ojibwe Revitalization at the University of Minnesota -Brendan Fairbanks


Raising Change Agents

Sociolinguistic and Cultural Active Documentation as Collaborative Processes -Marlene Haboud

Bahay Wika for Ayta Magbukun The Case of the Philippines -Purificacion Delima

Day 3

Language Maintenance and Revitalization for Wellbeing -Patrick Heinrich

Linguistic Revitalization must be a Collaborative Process -Marlene Haboud

Preventing Emergent Language -Brendan Fairbanks